Story number 3 for 5 Aug 2003

By August 5, 2003

(China)–While SARS seems to be on the decline in China, it not putting the damper on theological training in that country. China Partners Erik Burklin will be traveling to China next week. He says the need is incredible. “The church has exploded so rapidly over the last 20 years they simply cannot meet the need. Manhy churches are over run with people and it’s very important that they get good Bible-based training and that can only happen if you have good spiritual leadership.” Because of that need, Burklin says China partner is getting involved. “We are in the process of helping construct a new Bible school right now in Nanchung. And so, we are involved financially there. We also are right now in the process of shipping about 2,000 books to that same Bible school in Nanchang.” Funding is needed for help in these areas of ministry.

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