Story number 3 for 5 Dec 2001

By December 5, 2001

(Europe)–Christians in restricted access countries are making their way to Europe today for discipleship and leadership training. Evangelist Sammy Tippit will be leading these sessions. Tippit is asking people to pray for these believers safety. “We’re ministering to people who are from Muslim backgrounds who have come to know Christ. They’re able to go back into those communities and reach the people for Christ. Now, we have to do it very quietly. The countries from which they come they could receive the death penalty if this information was made public.” According to Tippit, God is moving in these anti-Christian nations. “God is doing something extraordinary in these closed countries. There is a move of the spirit of God with people coming to Christ that is absolutely, I think, unprecidented. In these times of uncertainty people are open to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” Pray these believers will be effective in leading many to Christ.

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