Story number 3 for 5 Feb 2002

By February 5, 2002

(USA)–Audio Scripture Ministries of Holland, Michigan is hoping more missionaries in the field take advantage of their program. Audio Scripture’s Tom Dudenhofer says their first ministry goal for 2002 is to partner with more mission organizations and missionaries. Dudenhofer says many groups simply don’t know about their ministry. “They really haven’t evaluated the potential for Audio Scriptures in many of their ministries. As I’ve talked to them, a light goes on and they say, yeah, that would help our literacy. That would help get the Gospel out to the thousands of people who don’t read.” Dudenhofer is also looking for qualified people to help record more scripture on tape. “There’s a real need for some people who would be willing to spend maybe up to six weeks at a time several times a year helping get recording projects off the ground or helping teach missionaries and or nationals how to do it themselves.” Funding is also needed.

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