Story number 3 for 5 Sep 2001

By September 5, 2001

(Colombia)–The United Nations calls Colombia the most violent country in the world, with its volatile mix of drug lords, guerilla warfare, Marxist militia groups, kidnappings, poverty, and millions of ‘displaced people’. Recent reports indicate a growing number of Christians are being targeted by rebel groups in the area. Norm Nelson with Life At It’s Best explains why he believes the church is under fire. “The power that the pastors have in proclaiming the Gospel is such that they pose a real threat to the drug cartels. Hence, the pastors are taken out. When they’re faithful to the Gospel, what they say threatens the stability of the drug cartels.” Nelson says in spite of the trouble, they’re hoping to launch an evangelistic program there. He adds that a support base needs to be in place. “Let’s pray for the safety of Christians in Colombia and in particular, of course, church leaders. Secondly, that young people who are experiencing the call of God on their lives, will remain true.”

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