Story number 3 for 6 Apr 2001

By April 6, 2001

(International)–Air Serv International has long been the wing of relief around the world, where hope in disaster zones means smiling faces. The team uses aircraft and other tools as a way to reach out with the hope that leads to Christ. ASI’s new president, Stuart Willcuts says he wants the agency to become a little more proactive. “I think that we have a lot to give, we have a lot of expertise, which would allow a much quicker response. We already have, for example, a base in Central Africa, which is where we’re in dialogue with several other people about making that a ‘jump off point’, pre-positioning of relief supplies, pre-positioning of staff, technical support.” Willcuts says their work supports the Gospel. “You can pat somebody on the back and say ‘go well’, and if they have no food or clothing, is that the total part of it? There’s the other aspect of working in partnership with national church people, missionaries on the ground, enhancing their ministry in humanitarian disaster response.”

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