Story number 3 for 6 Feb 2001

By February 6, 2001

(Russia) — Record cold temperatures in Siberia didn’t stop the work of Russian Ministries youth outreach in the region. Sergei Rakhuba accompanied a professional Christian mime group from the United States to Tazovsk (Tahz-AWFSK) recently. “1,200 to 1,400 people were able to hear the Gospel and were able to get Bibles, or New Testaments and other Christian literature that we were giving out after our presentations and outreach meetings.” Russian Ministries trained nationals, now living in the region, spearheaded the outreaches to the Hanti (hahn-tee) and Nemtsi (nehm-tsee) peoples of Siberia. Rakhuba says these people are in need of a church building. “That would cost between $4,000 – $5,000 (they) would be able to provide church for those believers who are so eager to communicate the Gospel.”

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