Story number 3 for 6 Feb 2002

By February 6, 2002

(USA)–An evangelical mission agency is sending out more missionaries than ever before. President of the Southern Baptist International Mission Board Jerry Rankin. “In 2001 we had 1,155 missionaries new commissioned which was a 28-percent increase over the highest we’ve ever had and of course that includes two year short term personnel – going out for two and three years as well as long term career personnel. But, in fact, we had more than 100 more career missionaries than the year before.” Rankin is giving thanks to God for the increase. He also says there more opportunities in the Muslim world since September 11th. “We’ve heard all across the Muslim world saying it’s created disillusionment about their religion. They’re asking questions that indicates a search for hope and security and we know that Jesus is the answer. So, I think God is just calling out His people to seize the opportunity.”

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