Story number 3 for 6 Mar 2000

By March 6, 2000

In the Congo, years of civil war have exacted a high price from those caught in the crossfire. Grace Ministries International felt that keenly two years ago, when the fighting caused the total destruction of the Kindu Theological College campus. But, the healing has begun, so says GMI’s Steve Vinton. “It really almost physically revolted me to see the destruction of the buildings…everything just totally bombed and destroyed. but, they have re-opened the school as of January 10th. They’re meeting in a building that was not destroyed during the war and so the other professors are teaching and the students have all come back. And, all the ministries that they’re involved in are continuing.” Vinton adds that prayer has been and will continue to be the keystone. “Even if missionaries are out, there are still pastors, evangelists, Bible school teachers who are continuing to work in the country. I think the thing to pray right now is for their safety. It’s a good thing to pray for peace, but in the absence of peace, pray that God would protect the church leaders.”

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