Story number 3 for 7 Feb 2001

By February 7, 2001

(Haiti) — ” We’ve had an increase in infant and children dying from malnutrition – from simple little sicknesses.” That’s Don DeHart of For Haiti with Love talking about the situation in Haiti, caused by a poor economy and lack of food. DeHart is hoping today’s newly inaugurated President Jean-Bertrand Aristide will help. “There’s a possibility that when the new government is in place that some of the international aid money will be released so that there can be some sort of mild economy started. All of that aid money is based on the new government responding to certain requests by the international community.” DeHart says prayer is needed to open the Haitian people’s hearts to the Gospel. He says they’re not open now. “It’s difficult for people to hear the words of peace and joy when they’re starving to death. And, you’ve got to meet those physical needs then you can reach them.”

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