Story number 3 for 7 Jan 2000

By January 7, 2000

The World Bible Translation Center recently finished its complete Mandarin
Chinese Bible translation and the first 10,000 copies should be printed in the
next few weeks. WBTC’s Richard Loh says what’s even more remarkable is where
the copies are being printed. “We have had the opportunity of distributing our Chinese
New Testament inside China for the last two to three years, and that has opened up
many doors for us. It was just by God’s grace that we finished them in time before the
end of last year and we were able to put them into the hands of people who were able
to print it inside Mainland China.” Loh believes the Bibles have really encouraged the
underground church. “Many of them are just thirsting for knowledge, and with a
Chinese Bible that is so easy to read and so easy to understand, it is definitely going to
have a great impact on the spiritual lives of all the Chinese people.”

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