Story number 3 for 7 Jun 2000

By June 7, 2000

North Korean officials have invited Christians to assist them in their Flood Damage Rehabilitation. Baptist World Aid, the relief and development arm of Baptist World Alliance, will be sending two workers there in September. BWA’s Paul Montecute just returned from North Korea. He says the situation is still bad. “We were there two years ago. We were invited to go back and look at the situation again and offer some more support in the provision of medical supplies and also taking a look at some of the agricultural needs. And, as a result of this visit we’ve now been invited to send a couple of Baptist relief workers in there to receive some of the stuff that we’re sending.” Montecute says while they can’t openly share their faith in this communistic country, their testimony will be evident. “It won’t be shared in the way that we would normally experience it here within our own culture, but when you go in and provide medicine and food for people in the name of Jesus Christ, one hopes that you are salt and light in doing that.” BWA is raising money to help with their relief effort.

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