Story number 3 for 7 May 2001

By May 7, 2001

(Kazakhstan)–Kazakhstan government officials are making it more difficult for Christians to teach in that nominally Muslim nation. Paul Sami with Educational Services International says Christians are facing more scrutiny. Sami says while labor laws are on the books, they’re not enforced except when it comes to Christians. “It’s almost as if they have this law in case they want to kick someone out, or in case they want to make it difficult for particular foreigners to be able to be employed. Because, they don’t offer missionary visas. You have to have a work visa in order to work in Kazakhstan.” ESI sends and trains teachers abroad to teach English, business and computers. Sami says while education is a priority, it’s not the only priority. “There’s phenomenal opportunities to build relationships and share your lives with them, and be able to share that hope that we have within.”

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