Story number 3 for 7 May 2003

By May 7, 2003

(USA)–Tornado victims pick up the pieces after deadly storms ravaged three states this week. Fred Visser works with the Christian Reformed World Relief Committee’s disaster response teams. He says the CRWRC managers, in cooperation with other relief groups, are trying to figure out how to make sure people’s needs are met. “It just depends on what their needs are. There’s a possibility that we might provide rapid response, if it’s needed, that would be cleaning up. Also, needs assessment, to see exactly what the needs are by individual homeowners; and then, of course, the major reconstruction where it comes to repair and rebuilding.” Visser says the compassion of Christ plays a key role for future outreach. “I think by virtue of what we’re doing, that we’re being a blessing to them because we have been blessed, and that message comes through pretty loud and clear. So, it does open up opportunities to share the Gospel.”

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