Story number 3 for 8 Aug 2002

By August 8, 2002

(Haiti)–Laymen are being encouraged to get involved in missions. Men for Missions, the layman’s voice of OMS International, is encouraging laymen to go, give and do whatever God is asking of them. Men for Mission’s Wayne King says Operation Saturation is a program to lead all of Haiti to Christ by the year 2004 by distributing fixed tuned radios. “Since 1958 OMS International has had a radio station giving the Gospel to that country who is so desperately in need of it. So, we have a goal of distributing a quarter million radios by the end of the year of 2004.” 30-thousand radios have already been placed. King says a 30-dollar gift does more than buy a radio. “But, they are also providing for the continuing operation of the radio station into the future so that we have the opportunity for people to come to the Lord and that radio helps them become growing disciples of Christ.”

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