Story number 3 for 8 Feb 1999

By February 8, 1999

(BROOKS :13) The Luis Palau Evangelistic Association is excited about an outreach that will target an entire state in the U-S. The event’s being called “Mission Maine” and it begins April 6th. Gary Losey is the Senior Crusade Director for the event. Losey says this is an historic event in the U-S. (LOSEY :12) We’ve done (these) types of things in other countries of the world where it’s been a national crusade or whatever, but we’ve never done like a state-wide crusade such as we’re doing in Maine in the United States to this point. (BROOKS :06) Losey says while the first evangelistic meeting is still almost two months away, evangelism classes have already been held. (LOSEY :23) We had nine different sessions across the state and we actually trained 3,000 people in friendship evangelism. The whole friendship factor is so important in our crusades. Most of the people that come to a crusade event come only because they were invited so we’re challenging people now to target people in prayer and that also becomes their invitation list.

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