Story number 3 for 8 Jan 2003

By January 8, 2003

(Undated)–After enduring a stop-and-go recovery last year, economic experts say America should enjoy stronger economic growth in 2003. However, there is a lag effect on non-profit groups, like mission agencies. International Needs Network spokesman, Dave Culross. “The statistics are showing that charitable giving across the board in North America has decline from three-point-four percent of income to two-point-seven percent. Now, that’s about a 25-percent decline in the amount of giving to charitable organizations. That computes to millions and millions of dollars to various organizations.” Culross suggests that this tends to have a negative impact on missions outreach because: “One of the significant factors in this downturn is based on the fact, I think, that many of the people who have both the passionate vision for world mission and the resources to fund it are providing resources from their stock portfolios and incomes of investments that they’ve made over a lifetime of accumulating their assets.”

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