Story number 3 for 8 Jun 2000

By June 8, 2000

Trade in Central America is a top story in the secular media, however, aside from the economics, what else is going on in the region? Medical Ambassadors International’s John McWilliam says the economy is a very big part of why they’re in Central America. He says because of the devastation left by Hurricane Mitch, there is a distinct need for MAI’s help. “Medical Ambassadors has numerous projects where we’re teaching national people preventative health care, community development and micro-enterprise. We use this approach to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and plant churches where that’s possible.” McWilliams adds that ministry comes with the assistance. “Pray for new projects that we’re endeavoring to start in Costa Rica, Panama, and Honduras. The poverty is very extreme in those areas and the need is very great. Our programs will make an impact on people’s lives and the way that they live both physically and spiritually.”

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