Story number 3 for 8 May 2003

By May 8, 2003

(Africa)–As money pours into humanitarian programs aimed at combating the AIDS devastation, educators urge a more pro-active approach. Worldwide Christian Schools’ Dale Dieleman says they’re starting an AIDS curriculum that will be taught to fifth graders. “The focus is looking at life from our relationship with who we are with God, and then who we are in terms of our human relationships with each other, to say we all are created with a lot of potential, and whether or not we realize those potentials in life have a lot to do with decisions we make.” WWCS is working on the second draft of the curriculum for field testing. At this point, Dieleman says they’ve got the support of several African governments, because: “It’s really infusing a whole different view of lifestyle and living and I think at any level, that the government education departments and so on, would be interested in this type of curriculum I think, would be very positive.”

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