Story number 3 for 8 Oct 2002

By October 8, 2002

(East Asia)–God is moving in an area of the world where sharing the Gospel is a challenge. That’s the word from Send International’s Frank Severn. He explains: “…(it) looks like we have the beginnings of a new Muslim convert church in south Asia among a people group that, for a long time, we’ve been trying to reach from a very few believers; you can count them on one hand. We had our first baptism and first marriage. It’s just exciting to see.” According to Severn, they’ve been praying that a church would be planted in this areas since 1984. He says Christians around the world can’t stop praying. “We need to pray for safety. We need to pray for wisdom. We need to pray for the new believers that they would know how to demonstrate their faith in ways that will not cause them to be alienated from the community. It’s just the beginnings, so there’s a lot of need for prayer.”

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