Story number 3 for 9 Feb 2000

By February 9, 2000

Thousands of “Baby Boomers” looking to make a difference for Christ are
turning to missions. Moody Bible President Dr. Joseph Stowell is working with Send
International’s “Finishers Forum 2000”, a plan to mobilize “Boomers” onto the
mission field. Stowell says it’s a project that is long overdue. “There have been many,
many people who down deep inside have said ‘I really would like to do something
compelling for Christ.’ And the “Finishers Forum” now provides that ability for them to
go to a place and come to understand where they could fit into the cause of the
Gospel.” Stowell says you don’t have to be a CEO or a construction worker to share
Christ. “There aren’t any people who could not be used effectively in some respect in
the cause of Christ globally. I don’t think there is a list of 10 jobs and if you don’t fit
that you can’t be used because there is a place for everybody.” The “Finisher’s Forum”
is in April in Dallas Texas.

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