Story number 3 for 9 Oct 2002

By October 9, 2002

(Greece)–The 2004 Olympics still face a potential threat from terrorists despite a recent police crackdown on an urban guerrilla group. Athens is getting security advice from several countries including Britain, Israel and the United States. Despite security concerns, AMG International’s Paul Jenks says their pace is picking up as the preparation countdown continues. “We’re in the midst of what we call ‘Phase Two’ of the Cosmo Vision Center, which, ultimately will be a facility that will have an evangelical Christian school there in Athens. But, we’re building the sports facilities first because those will be dormitory space for the visitors, the volunteers that are coming.” Jenks believes their work in Athens will open doors for evangelism. “The people who have a nominal Christianity really don’t have a personal relationship with the Lord, and so, this is an opportunity for some of those traditional barriers to be brought down.”

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