Story number 4 for 1 Jan 2003

By January 1, 2003

(International)–Next, even as believers are becoming notable targets in many areas hostile to the Gospel, there is some hope. Despite the oppression experienced by Christians, and the risk, the church is growing. Global Advance’s Dr. David Shibley explains one of the trends he sees in evangelistic work for 2003 in response to the security threats posed around the world. “I see two very strong trends in the coming year. The first is the ongoing indigenizing of the church around the world, and the power base of Christianity shifting to the southern hemisphere, and the newer more vigorous churches of Africa, Asia and Latin America.” Shibley says he has noticed a second movement that is equally exciting. “The second trend here in the United States, is that I expect an extreme youth revival. I think we’ve seen remnants of that and the beginnings of that over the last several years.”

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