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Published on 01 March, 2001

Story number 4 for 1 Mar 2001

(Thailand)–Next, we got a chance to talk to a couple of missionaries about their passion for Thailand and its people. Glenn and Lisa Craft are developing various community health programs, through the Christian Veterinary Mission, a division of World Concern. Glenn describes their vision. “CVM’s primary work is to practically demonstrate, through the profession of veterinary medicine, God’s love. In Thailand, they don’t accept the message until they accept the messenger, so, in the process of addressing their real physical, community needs, you build relationships.” Lisa Craft is involved with a ministry to children, specifically the children touched by the AIDS crisis in Thailand. “We just got done building a babies’ home, which is for babies that are orphans, but they will be HIV-negative. Christ’s love is shared-we try to make it a Christian, loving home, with ‘aunts’ and ‘uncles’, in this case. Pray for these kids, because they have a lot to overcome.”

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