Story number 4 for 1 Nov 2001

By November 1, 2001

(Russia)–Meanwhile, as more people come to know Christ, there is an increased need to train new leaders. In response, The Bridge International has developed training schools in other countries. However, Director R. K. Ulrich says one of their schools in Western Russia was recently closed down. “Because Western Russia has a lot of resources, Christian resources, a lot of Christian influence…but, there are places in Siberia on the East side of the Ural Mountains where God is doing a tremendous work in this generation, but they have very little leadership.” Ulrich says their school moved and has since re-opened with 34 students who are being trained in church planting and evangelism. “Some of these young men and women feel called to go in as Russians, and give the Gospel of love to those regions; to go out as missionaries into, sort of, another country almost, because the culture is very different.”

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