Story number 4 for 1 Sep 2003

By September 1, 2003

(Ivory Coast)–Meanwhile, a Christian school, once threatened by Ivory Coast rebels, now looks toward the future. The International Christian Academy, run by Evangelical Baptist Missions, evacuated their students due to a bloody attempted coup in 2002. Today, Paul Jackson with EBM is hopeful. “The campus looks good, the buildings are being maintained. Life in Bouake primarily where ICA and up in the north is returning somewhat to normal.” Jackson urges prayer for missionary parents who are making difficult decisions. “One of the major decisions that has to be made at this point is not only the decision of the school, as to whether to re-open there but its going to be a decision of parents. Where if you can imagine being a parent and I say having gone through what they’ve gone through. As to how open the parents are going to be to entrust their kids to go back into that area.” Jackson says their staff has witnessed to French forces who guard the school. Plans are to re-open in the fall of 2004.

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