Story number 4 for 10 Jan 2001

By January 10, 2001

Elsewhere, evangelistic outreach in Europe remains challenging, but with the right approach, missionaries are seeing some results. Christian Arts Ministry’s Jim Mills explains the obstacle. “It is culturally a “Christian” continent. There are a lot of areas where there is genuine faith residing in the different expressions of the church there. But, because of the cultural aspect of the Christianity that you find, sometimes it’s very difficult to reach people because they’ve already written off the Gospel as a harmless necessity.” Mills says through their approach to evangelism, many people see the beauty of the love of Christ. “The arts are the mouthpiece, whether it’s speaking, music, or whether it’s the visual arts. These are the means to convey and communicate with society. And, this is the way we can communicate the Gospel. It’s all a statement about relationship with the Lord, what we believe and what we consider valuable.” Mills and his family are staying at D&D Missionary Homes in Florida while on furlough.

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