Story number 4 for 10 Jun 2002

By June 10, 2002

(Central Asia)–Next, this evangelistic team takes the word ‘tentmaker’ seriously in their outreach. Bible Mission International’s Malcolm Smith says, in fact, it’s an operative term in their summer camp program throughout Central Asia. “We’ve come up with a low-cost effective way to reach kids, and that’s by using some mobile tent sets that we’ve been purchasing in the region. We’re going to be able to have anywhere between a hundred to two hundred kids in each of these seven mobile tent sets that we have traveling around the region.” Each camp gets set up by area townspeople. Smith says the success of this program comes from the parents’ memories of summer camp. “Everyone goes to summer camp, so when we talk about having a Christian summer camp, people know that their children are going to go there and they will be taught about God. It gives us good opportunities to talk with parents and with the children, and there in the camps, they are exposed to the Gospel.”

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