Story number 4 for 10 May 2000

By May 10, 2000

Meanwhile, Mission Network News’ Joel Hill is on assignment this week with Manmin World Ministries in South Korea. The evangelistic organization has many vibrant ministries in connection with one of the largest churches in the country. He filed this report on the group’s activities. “Confidently taking the stage in traditional white costumes with brightly colored vests, members of the Hallelujah Gospel team begin a tightly choreographed routine of traditional Korean Folk Dance, accompanied by praise music. This is just one of the dozen mission teams that ManMin Ministries is using to reach Koreans for Christ. Johnny Kim with ManMin says Koreans’ love of music and art transcends generation, social or gender barriers. The groups use that to their advantage as they perform in parks, in churches and around the world. ManMin Gospel teams have even been used to reach inmates in prison, and soldiers on military bases. All the while sharing the love of God through the common bond of music. Reporting from Seoul, South Korean for Mission Network News, I’m Joel Hill.”

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