Story number 4 for 10 Oct 2001

By October 10, 2001

(International)–Next, even as U-S led strikes pound Afghanistan, HCJB World Radio’s Jim Ferrier says their mission is still trying to reach the world for Christ. Despite the likelihood of prolonged tensions, he says their ministry will continue to bring spiritual healing and comfort. He says their workers have also felt the impact. “Probably the greatest effect on us is that our people are even more security conscious than they have been. Our missionaries are accustomed to living in countries where we’re not as secure as we are in the U-S, and where you have to be careful what you say and the kinds of things that you do.” Ferrier says even with the instability that is spreading among Muslim-dominated countries, they are looking toward their future. “We’re already on the air with the Arabic broadcasting by shortwave and by direct dish satellite audio. Those programs are continuing and, as we’re able to get more program producers, we’ll be expanding the number and type of programs that we have there. The outreach is happening and will continue.”

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