Story number 4 for 11 Mar 2002

By March 11, 2002

(Liberia)–Elsewhere, despite the increasing clash of war in Liberia, a call to prayer is being heard over the din. World Vision International’s Jonas Ngelango says The Liberia for Jesus Crusade was amazing. “Over one-hundred thousand Christians gathered in the national stadium, and they prayed for the nation. The Liberian President also came and prayed, and confessed his sins openly. So, Christians here are hopeful, despite the attacks that are going on, that God will intervene in the affairs of Liberia.” Ngelango adds that the Gospel’s message of peace is penetrating after seven years of civil war. “At this moment, people are very receptive to the message. They are very sensitive to God’s leading, because they know what happened for the past seven years, and they can only depend on God, because no other support seems to be in sight.”

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