Story number 4 for 11 Oct 2002

By October 11, 2002

(International)–Meanwhile, ministries reaching the blind around the world held their 4th annual World Sight Day yesterday. Christian Blind Mission International’s Jeff Watson says this day brings awareness of the worldwide blindness problem. Watson explains. “We know that 80-percnet of the world’s blindness is avoidable. The treatments available for the prevention and cure of avoidable blindness are among the most successful and cost effective of all health interventions. There’s approximately $100 million per year is currently committed to blindness prevention. This needs to double.” Figures suggest there are 45-million blind people in the world. Watson says as a Christian, helping them is a great tool for evangelism. “They’re curious about our faith so they start asking questions. ‘What is it that drives you to be able to coming out here to people from another faith and to help us out.’ It’s just an excellent opportunity to share our faith and to witness.” A gift of 50-dollars provides cataract surgery and a Bible for those in need.

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