Story number 4 for 12 Apr 2002

By April 12, 2002

(Haiti)–Next, while economic turmoil continues in Haiti, an evangelical group is doing what it can to help. Floresta Ministries Scott Sabin explains how they’re reaching out. “We’ve been working for five years in 14 different communities, setting up credit cooperatives and offering agricultural assistance. And, when we started people said it’ll never work, you can not make loads in Haiti. We’ve made almost 800 loans now and we have a repayment rate of 100-percent.” Sabin says 30-dollars per month can help adopt a community. He says this assistance is an effective witnessing tool. “We’re doing all that in partnership with the church, but also sharing the Gospel and trying to present a holistic ministry. I sense a strong revival coming in the area. As we go around from village to village and talk to people, attributing all things that are happening to God.” Sabin’s asking people to pray for rain as a three year drought a plagued the area.

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