Story number 4 for 12 Dec 2000

By December 12, 2000

Next, missionaries rely on missionary schools to help educate their children overseas, however these schools are reporting one recurring need. SIM International’s Ron Frazee explains. “There are recurring needs for teachers in missionary kids schools around the world. Each year there’s usually a need for anywhere between 10 to 15 teachers.” And, that’s why Jay and Heidi Tolar are helping. Because they’re former M-K’s, they wanted to give back what they received while their parents were on the field. Jay tells us why he and his wife are there. “One of the difficulties a lot of people have is the idea of sending your kids away to boarding school when they’re so young. And, we know that if we can give missionaries a real good sense and feeling that their kids are being looked after and being taken care of then it allows them a peace of mind to do their job better.” Call our resource line if you’re interested in being a teacher abroad.

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