Story number 4 for 12 Feb 2002

By February 12, 2002

(USA)–Next, an organization that’s hoping to revolutionize the way the Bible is communicated is seeking worldwide church support. The organization is called Film the Bible and their goal is to film the entire Bible in digital form. Film the Bible’s David Rutherford says church support of this project is essential. “If churches don’t step up and support projects such as this it may or may not happen. I read a quote recently from a Christian publisher Doctor Ted Baehr and he said the church takes in more than 11 times more money than Hollywood on an annual basis. The good news of that is the very institution that has the most to gain has the means to support it.” Rutherford says recent studies prove the need for the Bible on film. “The studies on learning show how you and I retain information and it’s interesting we retain 10-percent of what we read. But, we retain 50-percent of what we see and hear.” Pray that many churches will catch the vision for this project.

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