Story number 4 for 12 Feb 2003

By February 12, 2003

(USA)–Next, a U-S based ministry says they have a three-step plan in place that will put the entire Bible on digital format. The group is hoping to raise enough funding to begin the actual film process, but that mark is far off in the horizon. The issue now becomes an idea for a creative way of fundraising. Mission Network News’ Joel Hill has more. “Chase Adams is working in conjunction with ‘Film The Bible’, a group that needs 660 million dollars to film the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Adams experience as a tax attorney will help local churches and members uncover money that they may not realize they have. “Then perhaps the church may be inclined to share some of that with Film The Bible for being able to provide them with the opportunity to uncover this money.” Adams says utilizing estate planning and other tax planning churches and individuals will help provide for ministries both now and in the future. ‘Film The Bible’ estimates that filming the entire scriptures will cost about 10 million dollars a book. They hope to provide the film in multiple languages to reach as many as they can with the Gospel. I’m Joel Hill for Mission Network News.”

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