Story number 4 for 12 Nov 2001

By November 12, 2001

(Peru)–Meanwhile, six months after his wife and daughter were shot and killed, and their plane was downed while on a missionary flight over Peru, ABWE’s Jim Bowers says God has used the tragedy to enhance his effectiveness in ministry. “I’m finding now that people actually want to hear what I have to say…just anybody, on a plane, on the street, or anybody that finds out who I am asks me questions and it leads into exactly what Ronnie spent her life doing there in Peru. And that is, to try to explain and convince people of trusting in Christ as their Savior.” Bowers says, in fact, he is very excited about a project they’re working on, commemorating Ronnie’s passion for missions. “In Ronnie and Charity’s name, we’re going to have large sports arena in Iquitos, where we were based. Ronnie had such a desire to reach the thousands of teenagers there that didn’t have any way of ever hearing the truth, or having anybody to lead them. So, through this sports arena, we’ll be having all kinds of programs to reach out to the youth.”

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