Story number 4 for 13 Jun 2002

By June 13, 2002

(India)–Next, as persecution against Christians continues in India, that isn’t stopping film teams from Dayspring International from spreading the Gospel. Dayspring’s John Gilman. “I’ve seen 15-20,000 people watch a movie at one time, sitting on both sides of the screens. Our average audience is probably about 400 or so, but we’ve shown it to over 80-million people face to face. And, believe – according to our reports – more than six million have responded outwardly to follow Christ.” The film is called Dayasagar” in Hindi, meaning “Oceans of Mercy” and tells the story of Christ. Gilman says about 85-dollars a month can sponsor an Indian missionary. He says there’s a great need right now. “Dayspring International has over a thousand native missionaries working on our teams, but we need to have 2,000. And, so we need help in sponsoring those wonderful people and equipping them.”

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