Story number 4 for 13 Mar 2001

By March 13, 2001

(Canada)–Meanwhile, missionaries and church planters are seeing some success in reaching the lost in Quebec, Canada. Jay Pinney is with the Evangelical Free Church Mission. He’s a church planter in Montreal. Pinney says evangelical churches are beginning to work together. “We’re coming out of a period of time where denominations did not want to work together and there was some real rotten attitudes, I would say. And, I think that hindered the Gospel and I think we’re coming out of that period of time. And, there’s more of a sense of working together and trying to have some unity under the cross of Christ.” However, according to Pinney, because of general mistrust of most institutions, including the church, evangelism is difficult. “So, there’s kind of a real sense of distrust that pervades churches. And, so most Quebecers will have an interest in spirituality, they’re concerned about going to a church and they’re afraid that someone’s going to control them.”

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