Story number 4 for 13 Mar 2003

By March 13, 2003

(India)–Meanwhile, court action has halted a Gujarat government survey of Christians and their activities. Authorities have admitted to trying to keep tabs on believers, this being their third attempt in four years. Yet, Walk Through The Bible’s Terry Sparks says World Teach is growing in India in spite of complications caused by a growing Hindu nationalism. “State by state, they’re passing laws that makes conversion illegal, and yet, our ministry with our nationals there is continuing on, and they probably taught twice as many people during the year 2002 as they did in the year 2001.” In light of the anti-conversion movement, Sparks says their teams need prayer support. “Their attitude is that ‘This is not going to stop us’ and basically, ‘the church thrives in persecution. If this is what it takes for us to be more committed to the Lord, then, so be it’.”

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