Story number 4 for 13 Nov 2001

By November 13, 2001

(India)–Next, Gospel Revival Ministries has sent an ambitious goal in India. GRM’s President, John Musser says, they want to plant a church in all 29 states in that predominately Hindu nation. Musser says, in order to do that, Christians in the West need to adopt churches. “It’s a strategic usage of our monies today. We can actually get someone who’s a seasoned warrior started with 25-dollars a month. Some of the leaders that we have, have carried a vision for over 20 years to reach an entire region for Christ.” As the Dalits rejected their Hindu faith last week, Musser says native pastors are ready to go out and lead them to Christ. They just need the support. “When we begin to support native pastors. Within such a short period of time, we see such phenomenal results. The reason being is they’ve already got their focus. They’ve already got their strategy written down. They’ll just pull it right out of the Bible.”

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