Story number 4 for 14 Dec 2000

By December 14, 2000

Meanwhile, the church is growing in the Communist country of Vietnam. That’s the word from Dave Culross with International Needs. Culross says there are many people coming to Christ. “One of the tools we are using there is the Jesus Film on video. It is being widely shown, particularly in the smaller village areas outside the big cities. And, scores of new believers are coming to Jesus Christ.” While the response to the Gospel has been good, Culross says evangelism is difficult. “There’s the official stance of the government that says they have religious freedom. This enables them to be full partners in the United Nations. Local and district officials are choosing to ignore this policy, with the cooperation of the government and a lot of mistreatment attacks on Christians are being carried out. We had to relocate some of our workers from the regions where they’re ministering because conditions were just too volatile.”

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