Story number 4 for 15 Aug 2000

By August 15, 2000

Elsewhere, shortly after Hurricane Mitch swept through Nicaragua, government officials sadly told the world that development in their country was set back half a century. The devastation is felt as keenly today. In response, the Flying Hospital, Operation Blessing International and CBN Worldreach are slated for a Managua mission beginning August 19th. OBI’s Bob Fanning. “It’s one of the poorest nations, with the poorest development anywhere. They have virtually no medical care at all so we’re going to be able to reach out to maybe eight thousand people with medical care that they otherwise couldn’t have at all.” Fanning adds that in this way, they’ll not only sow seeds of friendship, but also of hope. “The people who go with us, whether they’re the ophthalmologists, surgeons, the urologists, or whomever, they’re all Christians; and they’re looking for an opportunity to share with people the real healing, which is the healing of the soul, permanently, to be with Christ. It’s a huge open door.”

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