Story number 4 for 15 Aug 2002

By August 15, 2002

(USA) — Meanwhile, volunteers are needed to be the voice of poor, needy children around the world. Compassion International recently held their volunteer national conference for training. What does a Compassion International Volunteer do? Compassion’s Regina Hopewell explains. “They typically are sponsors who have found their sponsorship experience being so life changing and so meaningful to them that they want to do more and so they represent Compassion to their families, to their churches to the communities, speaking out on behalf of the needs of children.” Hopewell says many volunteers consider this their mission field. “Since all of Compassion’s overseas work is run through the local church the children are all exposed to the Gospel. So, they have seen in many cases their sponsored children come to Christ. So, they truly are doing the work of an evangelist in a kind of indirect manner.” Go to C-I-dot-org to find out how you can get involved.

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