Story number 4 for 15 Dec 2000

By December 15, 2000

Elsewhere, we reported last month on the need for pastors in Africa to have tools helping them deal with the AIDS pandemic. The disease is decimating whole societies, and Walk Thru The Bible’s Terry Sparks says they are now ready to respond. “We will be launching World Teach in a new region, which is English-speaking Africa. During that trip, our president and founder will be teaching a new course on AIDS, and we’re trusting that this course will provide a response for the church.” More than the new program, Sparks says they will be equipping more leaders. He asks people to pray. “Where the challenge lies is in drawing the right people. The people who will take the training, and actually use it. We’re not trying to train people just for numbers, but we want to train people who will actually teach the material and see life change happen as a result.”

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