Story number 4 for 15 Jul 2002

By July 15, 2002

(USA) — Next, an evangelist is using technology to multiply himself so people can hear the Gospel in many areas of the world. Evangelist Sammy Tippit says his ministry has video taped his Gospel meetings in many major cities around the world and now their using these tapes to go even further. “We’ve been doing that for about 2 1/2 years now and what we’re doing now is beginning to establish partnerships in those regions of the world, where they will take our evangelistic meeting behind the major cities, into the villages and among the tribal groups and set up a digital evangelistic meeting.” Tippit says they have 25 partners right now and funding is being raised to equip them with a sound system, DVD player, and projector. “It costs about $2,500 per set of equipment, so to have basically 25 digital evangelists we’re talking about $62,000. 100 Digital evangelists is about a quarter million dollars.”

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