Story number 4 for 15 Jun 2000

By June 15, 2000

Elsewhere, New York City is the hub of a ministry that is trying to reach its 180 people groups. Tom Mahairas of CitiVision takes the Great Commission seriously. Mahairas says the concept is simple and their work has grown. “What we started doing is just giving out the Gospel, 27 years ago actually….and now, we have churches that have been planted, and a school in a very difficult part of the city. We have a homeless program, we have drug rehabs. We also are involved in evangelism and leadership training.” Mahairas adds that they take a creative approach to their work-pointing to one of their larger evangelistic events. “New York CitiVision has become the nerve center for Jammin’ Against the Darkness, which, on August the 19th, is going to fill up Madison Square Garden. Al Houston, Charlie Ward, Andrew Lang, A.C. Green-other pro-players that are committed Christians are going to come and share testimony. We’re just trying to make an impact in every and any way we can-giving out the good news that Jesus loves everyone.”

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