Story number 4 for 15 May 2003

By May 15, 2003

(Lesotho)–Next, the United Nations lists Lesotho at 31% for HIV/AIDS population. Mission Aviation Fellowship’s Gary Bishop says their contacts tell them the actual rate is much higher. That led to launching a full-scale series of programming to meet the need. “The best thing that we could do was to try to bring training and awareness to national people that we could transport around that could communicate two things. One, if you have an infected person in your home or in your community, what can you do for them? And then, they’re also starting to actually educate people about how the virus is actually contracted in the first place.” Bishop explains how their work spreads the Gospel. “MAF comes into contact with people that, very often, are in a position of not being able to help themselves. They realize that when help comes from outside, somewhere else, it comes from somebody. We are able to tell them that that it is the motivation in the hearts of the people through the love of Jesus Christ that they are coming to them.”

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