Story number 4 for 15 Nov 2001

By November 15, 2001

(SouthEast Asia)–Meanwhile, Audio Scripture Ministries is having an impact on an area closed to the Gospel. Audio Scripture’s Tom Dudenhofer says they placed digital recording equipment with missionaries in South East Asia. He says they’re using it to train nationals to produce radio programs. Dudenhofer says more equipment needs to get out there. “The recording equipment usually consists of a lap top computer, analog to digital interface, and microphones and that can run anywhere from four to seven thousand dollars, but it’s completely portable and it can be taken anywhere.” Dudenhofer is looking for people to help fund projects like this and help finance playback units in two areas. “One in Liberia where we need another $6,000 to provide hand crank players for the remote areas where there is no electricity. Another project we’re looking at is one in Ethiopia and we’re going to be needing up to 20,000 hand crank players for this particular project.”

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