Story number 4 for 16 Apr 2003

By April 16, 2003

(USA) — Meanwhile, a ministry to the inner city is reaching out to children this Easter season. Here’s Life Inner City‘s Ted Gandy says they will be handing out Easter Bags to the needy. Gandy says the bags are full of… “…Candy, fruit and crayons a toy, plus Bible activities designed for children with very little background. And, we’ve been having packing parties in 12 cities putting those together. This Easter we’ll do over 36,000 of those Easter bags reaching out to children with both the Good News, but also of something to real value to them.” According to Gandy, churches coordinate the effort. He says it softens hearts allowing the Gospel to be shared. Gandy says one entire family was transformed. “The whole family began going to church and that initial contact allowed the church to have a continuing relationship with the family. Eventually the entire family came to faith and they’re now actively involved in the church.” A gift of 36-dollars provides a bag for six children.

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