Story number 4 for 16 Jul 2002

By July 16, 2002

(Mexico)–Elsewhere, theirs is an outreach that grows by word of mouth. Casas Por Cristo is a ministry started to address the needs of the poor in Mexico. Casas’ Sarah Berkbigler says when their vans come into a village, the whole community turns out for the house building process. From there, the message of the Gospel is told in action. “Usually, we get a lot more hands helping out in the process, wanting to do whatever they can to help, so that’s neat because even though we can’t always speak the same language, we can work together and work for Christ and we can share His message through actions rather than through the language.” Berkbigler says because they work in partnership with the local church body, their work also helps the church be more effective. “They’re able to tell their relatives, and other people in the community see what’s going on, and they’ll come up and ask us how they can get a house. We’re able to share information with them about how to get in touch with a pastor in the community so that the pastor can begin working with them.”

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